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At 5:30pm Today, Sports Are Back! PFT Commenter vs Honk In Table Tennis, Who Ya Got?

So before quarantine, me and PFT (along with others) had been playing ping pong in the office everyday before and after we record the podcast. I would say I win 60% of the time (PFT might say otherwise). There is a much bigger project in the works that was supposed to debut after the National Championship, obviously the rona canceled that and things are on hold until who really knows when but consider this a taste of things to come. Sound off in the comments of who you think will win the 4 out of 7 series. Big Cat AKA Coach Duggs AKA Daniel Katz will be on the call. Broadcast will start around 5:15. First game is at 5:30.

early results from PMT twitter are in