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Fuck It, I'm Starting Rear Admiral's Quarantine Mailbag

I know it's the most clichéd thing on the internet but we are all fucking bored so I'm gonna start up a Quarantine Mailbag. Maybe it'll suck, maybe it'll be funny. Let's find out.

Send questions to: 

You can ask about any topic. Romantic advice. 1970s film. Guy Lafleur. Vices. First third of "The Simpsons". Vacations. Whatever. But if it's fucking stupid, it won't get used. Just keep that in mind.

I'll pick a few questions and blog my unique answers right in this here space. The frequency will depend on the number and quality of questions submitted.

"Fire away, fire away"


Flashback to that time Simmons used my question in a mailbag.