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This Is Hands Down The Most Genius Thing You'll See On A Golf Course

Fucking GENIUS. Not even kidding, that's the most genius thing I've ever seen on a golf course. It's maybe the most genius thing I've ever seen anywhere. Golf courses all over the country (or at least the ones that are still open) have been trying different ways to make it so golfers don't have to stick their hand in the hole to get their golf ball. Pool noodles, raised cups, everything was tried and worked to varying degrees. Then this golf course came around and one upped everyone. Tough times really do drive great innovation. 

Do you ever sit back and think about how much smarter people are than you? Sometimes I do. I don't think I'm a dumb person necessarily but I'm far closer to being a dumber person than I am to whoever thought up that golf contraption. The brain that thought up that idea just works in a different way than the majority of brains out there. No offense to the golf courses that were using pool noodles but that's something I would've thought of. However you could given me a billion years and I NEVER would've come up with that thing. I have friends who could've come up with that and they're all engineers. I see a problem like people not wanting to stick their hand in a golf hole and think, "Well we're fucked" and that's it. I'm just glad there's people out there smarter than me who don't look at things that way.