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Apparently 7'6" Former Division I Basketball Players Are Allowed to Just Show Up and Play at LA Fitness Like We Can

This sucks for everyone in this situation. That behemoth seen making this game no fun and non-competitive is former UC Irvine basketball player Mamadou Ndiaye. He is 7'6".

But this is a no-win situation for everybody involved, save the fact that all these nor al chumps playing pick-up at the local LA Fitness get to see what it looks like up close when you have a 7'6" freight train coming downhill at you.

All Ndiaye wants to do is be able to play some basketball, but that's pretty difficult when you know any game you play in against normal people is just going to be a bloodbath. And all these guys want to do is play their normal Friday afternoon pick-up game and then all of a sudden this guy comes in to fuck their shit up and they just have to wait it out until he decides he's had enough of making a mockery of the white guys at the local gym and goes home.


Every time I see a video of one of these basketball players, though, my mind always just goes to what the hell they do on a daily basis. What kind of bed do they have? Where do they buy shoes from? What size clothes do they wear? I can tell you as someone who is 6'6" that life is hard enough once you get past like 6'3". I can't even fathom being a foot taller.

But it really pays off when you want to go blow off some steam on the basketball court against those poor, helpless souls.