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Biggest Snub For Quickest Chug In The Office - Kayce ?

Not sure if being a starter on the Barstool office drinking team is exactly a compliment, or more of a warning sign we should notice? But, first team All-American drinker Kayce Smith was snubbed an appearance to compete for quickest chug in the office on today's episode of Lowering The Bar.

Exhibit A - 2019 Barstool Breakfast St. Patrick's Day 

An impromptu chug off of whatever was left in their 22oz St. Paddy's cups. At the end of the day when everyone was deep into the beer count, Kayce dominates about 12-16oz of piss warm green beer.

Exhibit B:  Malört Liquor episode of Lowering The Bar

 It tastes like shoe polish and gasoline mixed, but tastes like candy to Kayce.

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