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Now Top-10 Recruit Isaiah Todd Who Decommitted From Michigan Is Joining Jalen Green And They Are Getting Their Own G League Team

As reported by Shams today as reported by Reags on the 14th

It's now official. Isaiah Todd is joining the G League and the plan is for this team to take place in Southern California as they are getting a new team made just for them. But here's the kicker, they won't be playing regular season games. They will be getting NBA training, working out in facilities and playing 10-12 games against G League teams, national teams and other select teams. Games won't count towards the NBA G League standings. Again, this team is being made just because of these guys: 

This is the biggest challenge for the NCAA. Note, we've lived in a world without the one-and-done and guys like this leaving early. We know that world. But the point is more than ever guys are going to look to leave and go this route, there are more options than ever with the G League and overseas. Yes fans will cheer for laundry still. You could put 5 commenters from Louisville in Kentucky blue and white and Rupp Arena will be packed. But the fact is, and this is the crazy thought, watching the best players play college hoops is fun. Leagues are finding new ways to draw more guys away from college hoops. Again, I'd like to watch the best players possible in college hoops. 

But now we have Isaiah Todd and Jalen Green heading to this G League select program. Green is going to make $500 to 600 thousand dollars. He's getting a scholarship paid for still. He's going to work out in an NBA setting. That's a win. That's a no-brainer. Now we wait to see if more guys decide to go this route.