Jason Kelce Has Officially Retired From Arm Wrestling, Which Is Devastating News For Defensive Linemen Everywhere

Kelce - I leave behind a 2-0 record, one win against this man, and the other being against @28cgiroux and want to go out on top. It was a good run, but my drunken arm wrestling days are behind me, and it’s better to move on to a more mature future. I thank everyone along the way that has made this possible! Especially @brickandbrew for cutting me off after this debacle (which was completely warranted, love you guys) and getting me to sleep. Despite this retirement, I am fully excited for the 2020 season and will be out there with my teammates, coaches and hopefully fans this coming season. Enough media members and fans have reached out if I am playing next season, and I just wanted to make an announcement so I can stop getting asked. Can’t wait to be out there this season, can’t wait to have sports back, and I can’t wait till this lockdown is over. #GoEagles


At 32-years-young, Jason Kelce gave it a great run. A career that will go down in history. The man worked his ass off, did everything the right way, and proved all the haters and doubters wrong in the process. At the end of the day, he knows that he'll be able to look himself in the mirror and know that he gave it his all. 

But unfortunately the human body just wasn't made to last forever. Especially not when you push it to the limit as much as Jason Kelce has over the years. So like all great things, this career needed to come to an end at some point. It's just unfortunate that end had to be today. 

With that being the case, that opens up the possibility for Kelce to give his body a little bit of a break and just focus on his 10th season in the NFL. Sure, he might be starting to get up there a little bit in age but he's been a First Team All-Pro the past 3 seasons. Nobody puts their balls into their quarterback's hands quite as well as Kelce does. And since keeping Carson Wentz's jersey from ever getting a speck of dirt on it is the most important thing this franchise needs to focus on (as well as trading up to draft CeeDee Lamb), thank god this beautiful beast is coming back.