We’re Proud To Be Sponsoring Marc Fucarile’s Marathon Team This Year - Kickoff Party March 27th at Andover Country Club


Click on the link to watch the story because it’s autoplay




So by now all the Stoolies obviously know Marc’s story from the Marathon bombings. You can watch the recap video above if you don’t. Anyway we’re proud to be sponsoring his marathon team this year. Hopefully we can help raise some cash because even though it may feel like the bombings were a long time ago the bills never stop. I’ve spoken with him a couple times and he’s psyched to have us involved and so am I.

There are a couple ways to help. We are going to have a kickoff party for the Marathon on March 27th at the Andover Country Club. Tickets are 40 bucks and all the proceeds go to Marc. Barstool will be there. Marc will be there. Get shitty for a great cause. Plus we don’t do many events near there so for anybody who lives in that neck of the woods we’d love to see you.



Click To Buy Your Tickets To This Team Fucarile Charity Event



If you can’t make it to that you can still buy an official Team Fucarile Marathon shirt  and all proceeds will go to Marc as well.


Or if you don’t want that either you can donate directly.


Hopefully people come to the party though. Should be a great time.