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Did You Know You Can Almost Get Diabetes From Chewing Tobacco?

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Larry joined the small group of guests who've chewed while on our show. It's just him and Edelman now.

This was something of a dream come true for me. You wanna talk hockey with Gretzky, baseball with Bonds, football with Brady, and chew with Larry the Cable Guy. Just the masters of the game. The guys who know all the ins and outs and ups and downs. Legends, if you will. 

Well, being the legend that he is, Larry revealed to me that he chewed so much he almost gave himself diabetes. Started chewing sugar free and he's down 21 pounds. I had no idea. I thought you had to eat sugar for it to really affect you but I guess that's why they make sugar free gum. Don't swallow dip because you don't want to puke, don't swallow gum because you don't want spider eggs hatching in your stomach, yet the sugar still gets you anyway. Science is incredible.

Can you imagine how much you have to chew for this to be a real concern though? I'm so impressed. Most people who use tobacco products are scared of the big one, they're scared of getting cancer. Maybe needing some oral surgery. Larry chews so much that it has his ears ringing and giving him headaches because the diabeetus is hot on his tail.