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Truth Hurts And The Truth Is This Nun's Jump Shot Splashes Harder Than Ben Simmons From Range


Just look at that confidence. Sister Harden got in her range, didn't have anyone step up in her face so she knew it was time to hop on Splash Mountain. 

Took that shot with zero hesitation. If that were Ben Simmons he would have driven to the paint and then inexplicably kicked it out to the corner for some godforsaken reason when he had an easy bucket just sitting there waiting for him. But not Mother Harden. She's a certified bucket getter and not only can you count on at least an easy 28 out of her every night, be she's also getting back on D too. 


She might be an angel already because look out how my girl is flying around that court. I know that nobody loves a Tommy Try-hard in a game of pickup but you can't quarantine hustle. And this nun is nothing but straight hustle for a full 4 quarters. Some people are just born with their fire in their belly to be great. What an incredible free agency signing from GM God on this one. Elton Brand could learn a thing or two. 

Sidenote: Not to be rude or anything but these nuns are absolute trash on defense. Like what's even going on here? You ever hear of man-to-man? I can't even tell who is on whose team out there. They might need to bring Gritty in for a quick clinic. 

"Forgive me Father for that shit was weak and can get out of my face"