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The World Is Freaking Out Because The Pope Literally Disappeared (Like *Actually* Vanished) On Live Television

I always wondered - do you call him Pope or The Pope? Like if you asked him to change the channel would you call him Pope? Or is it like Frank Thomas being called The Big Hurt where you add the "The" to make it really pop with authority? I feel like casually you can get away with Pope but whether or not he wants to be called that rotates per Pope on a case by case basis. Jon Paul II obviously had no problem with informalities much less an inside fastball

Or does it not matter because Pope/The Pope is actually just a hologram and this is just a simulation? Because honestly each day that becomes a more and more viable solution to why 2020 is such a disaster. Like if you told me someone in the control room tripped over the power strip and accidentally restarted the matrix... that works for me a lot more than all of this being a coincidence. Popes don't just disappear into thin air unless we're talking about unclassified hologram technology which in that case. Fine. You can be a disappearing Pope but at it's core that violates pretty much every moral fiber of the Roman Catholic religion so can someone please tell me for the literal love of God what the fuck is going on.