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Start Your Day With Kyle Mooney Destroying Kanye West In A Rap Battle

 Funny story about this sketch- before I started at Barstool I did a shot for shot remake of the entire thing with a buddy of mine. I was going to send it in to Dave and John along with my writing packet but decided against it at the last minute. Thank God too because if I had I probably wouldn't be sitting here right now. It also did a HUGE disservice to the hilarity of this scene. Kyle Mooney is great, but something about him with Kanye just kills me. Everyone telling him not to do it then him doing it anyway. I love it. He is easily the most underrated cast member of his generation. 

Make sure to tune into Breakfast today at 10:00 AM, we've got Erika coming on to talk all things Barstool. See you then.