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Wake Up With A Bunch Of Perfect Games Being Blown in The 9th

I miss the days when it was like 10 PM and you got a notification that Yu Darvish was 3 outs away from a perfect game. Run over to the TV just in time to see it get broken up and you go back to what you were doing. You do always hang onto the edge of your seat when that perfect game or no no gets into the 9th, and thats when the wacky stuff happens. I remember the Mike Mussina start for the Orioles when he almost had the perfecto against the Indians, intact I think I cried when he lost it. Carl Everett pumping his chest and tossing his helmet after breaking up Moose's perfect game in Fenway was quite a shit talking moment too. Obviously we remember the Armando Gallaraga one, that was broken up by Jim Joyce, not any hit. Still one of the most insane calls I've ever seen. Yu smiling after losing his perfect game in the 9th was always funny to me, it's like he knew he was so close and then it was gone. And I'll be honest, I have no clue who the guy on the Twins or Royals was when I saw this. That 9th inning is a different animal in these almost perfect games.