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Disaster in Charlotte: (3) Georgia Tech Crushes (2) Florida State in ACC Championship Game

The 2014 Florida State Seminoles will remember their triumphant regular season, which included thrilling wins at Syracuse and NC State, in addition to statement victories vs. nationally-ranked Notre Dame and arch nemesis Florida. 

The 2014 Florida State Seminoles will try to forget tonight's performance: A 42-21 loss vs. No. 3 Georgia Tech in the ACC Championship Game.

"We didn't play our best game tonight," said Coach Duggerton while spitting dip into a white coffee mug. "I got away from the game plan, I'm not going to blame anyone."

And just like that, the undefeated season for No. 2 FSU is over. For 12 games in the regular season, everything Offensive Coordinator Gus Duggerton touched turned to gold. Jameis Winston was NFL ready. Cam Banks was a Heisman candidate. JJ Gandy had dreams of following the paths of Moss and Rice.

But unfortunately for the Seminoles offense, nothing clicked tonight. Winston threw a career-high six interceptions to a Georgia Tech team leading the country in scoring defense (13.7 PPG allowed). 

"I made the play calls, Jameis just didn't execute," Coach Duggerton said. "But I'm the coach, I'll own it."

With tonight's loss in the rearview mirror for FSU, it's natural for everyone to move on, which brings up this question: What's next? Coach Duggerton wasted no time addressing those rumors.

"Will I get a head coaching job? I don't know," a frustrated Coach Duggerton, also known as Big Cat, said. "It was just an all-out, terrible performance by me and mostly Jameis. He threw six interceptions and basically played like a blind person."

The pivotal moment of the game came with 2:28 left in the 3rd quarter. FSU, down 28-14 at the time, was driving to potentially make it a one-score game. And then, the officials got involved:

A gain of more than 20 yards is negated by a CLIPPING call by the zebras. A brutal break for the Seminoles, and Coach Duggerton did not like the call.

After the loss, Big Cat/Coach Duggerton simulated the rest of Championship Week, where the rest of FSU's postseason fate was decided:

There will still be a lot at stake on Friday night. Will Coach Duggs make a statement with one final shot to improve his coaching resume? Do the regulars elect to play in the game? Will the Seminoles rebound? All of that coming in less than 48 hours. 

BCS Titles are overrated, anyways.