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Chris Sale Fractured His Foot Getting Off His Truck So Here Are Some Of Baseball's Best Injuries Ever

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GLENDALE, Ariz.Chicago White Sox ace Chris Sale suffered a foot injury in an accident at his home and will miss at least three weeks of preparation time for the regular season. Sale suffered an avulsion fracture to the lateral side of his right foot Friday at his spring training residence in Arizona, but the pitcher declined to reveal how the injury happened. White Sox general manager Rick Hahn said Sale landed “awkwardly when he got off the back of his truck,” while unloading items.




White Sox Dave already gave you the real breakdown but this was hilarious.  Reminded me that baseball always has the most preposterous injuries. Like yeah Dustin Penner threw his back out eating pancakes or something like that, but that’s a singular freak injury that’s memorable because it’s so rare. Baseball guys do this shit every day. My personal favorite is Buchholz missing pretty much an entire season because his baby fell asleep on his arm. But we got some gems from Twitter so here are the rest. It’s insane. Baseball players need to be put in a damn bubble.



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