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And The Hottest New Banksy Piece Is Located.... his own bathroom since he's on isolation like the rest of us.

And the details are really fun & clever:

Not comparing myself to his creativity on any level, but it sort of makes a good point about artists having to work with what they've got right now. Can't leave your house? Make your house the art. Can't leave your apartment? Make a tiny golf course that's not actually like golf at all but just bowls and cat toys and have 15 people watch it live... Pure brilliance! 

Not sure I nailed it like he did, but I tried to use his style to imagine what my place will look like after a few more weeks of this:

Ok, I'll admit. This whole blog was an excuse to show you that I sort of made my bed this morning. Congratulations to me. 

Here's a few more Banksy works to scroll through in case you're also on the toilet like that one rat: