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4/20 is Rapidly Approaching, Here's the Current Cannabis Laws in Each State

The world's largest celebration of cannabis/marijuana is 5 days away on April 20. I have no idea where the term 420 comes from (police code, time of day, who knows), but if you're interested in what the laws are about cannabis in your home state, or wherever you may be on 4/20, here it is:

Thankfully for those who enjoy the 420 holiday, there are only 8 states left in the USA where there isn't at least some form of decriminalization for marijuana (from left to right): Idaho, Wyoming, South Dakota, Kansas, Wisconsin, Tennessee, Alabama, and South Carolina.

The list of states where marijuana is completely legal has grown to 11 (plus Washington, DC), AND you can add Virginia as the most recent state to move to Medical + Decriminalized, making that a dozen states where that's the case (23 total where it's essentially not a crime anymore). Congrats to everyone in those places on their extremely chill holiday coming up.

The last 19 states (mostly the middle and bottom of the country) are somewhere between "not a crime" and "fully illegal", which makes pretty much no sense... Anyhow, here's a flashback to our insane 4/20 from last year where we all smoked a hit a minute on stage for a Weed Power Hour at the High Times Sacramento Cannabis Cup, with Buddha Ben.

While I'm definitely never doing that challenge Ever again (almost 6 grams of Durban Poison in an hour, WHOA BUDDY); I do think we are going to try and link up with High Times again this year to do something on zoom for 4/20, so tune into Hard Factor News by BNN every Monday through Friday for more cannabis-related, and other, news stories to kick off your day. Also, feel free to tune into my cannabis workout classes on Instagram if you're into mixing a little ganja to your workout routine. 

Have a Safe and Happy 420!