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My #QuarantineDinner Tonight Was ON POINT

Tonight we have volume IV of my world renown #QuarantineDinner.  I haven't mentioned this yet, but I come from a long line of famous chefs dating back thousands of years and each of these recipes were passed down generation to generation before reaching me.  I've been offered enough money for these recipes to make Dente blush, but I wouldn't sell them for all the money in the world, but that doesn't mean I won't promote them on this very public forum.

To start, let's rewind it back to last week:

I called this dish the "Saucisse italienne à la moutarde jaune":

A succulent cuisine of choice Italian sausages pan seared in the most vintage of giardiniera oil, garnished with a side yellow mustard.  This dish is a completely mouth watering aphrodisiac perfect for a dinner and movie date night for you and your significant other.

Next, we had what my family has named the "Burrito au bacon, aux œufs et au fromage":

A delectable mix of bacon, eggs, and cheese wrapped in an aged 3 day flour tortilla. Satisfying for all hours of the day. This dish pairs perfectly with a glass of cold 2% milk. I personally recommend making this for your girl after a night of drunken, unprotected sex.

Next I went with my family's most revered dish, our "Biftek avec pain à l'ail acheté en magasin et fèves au lard":

A meal of sheer bliss and gushing flavor. This particular cut of steak falls off the bone like melted butter and it pairs perfectly with canned beans that have marinated in only the purest of bean juices. The side of frozen garlic bread complements both to absolute perfection, and is the perfect meal for the most heavenly occasions, such as an engagement dinner, as it's a truly magical dish. 

And for tonight's course, I went with our ageless classic…

"Le sandwich au jambon et aux œufs" 

A true mixture of love and happiness, this dish consists of 3 day old leftover spiral ham, bagged shredded cheese and a fried egg resting between the most delectable wheat bread slices ever baked. Those whom are bold often add two strips of deli-sliced bacon on the top, should that tickle their fancy.  Each bite is more succulent and mouthwatering than the last.

And for tomorrow I will be cooking our family's bifteck de "faux-filet" or in Layman's terms, a "ribeye steak", and I will be doing so on IG live with the $20 Chef.  He asked for some advice, and I plan on showing him a few tricks of WSD's trade.  

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