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JR Smith Comes Clean And Says He Flat Out Hates Hennessy

I'm sorry, what. JR Smith hates Henny? The man dubbed the Henny God doesn't even drink it? I wonder if this is what it felt like for kids when they learned that Santa wasn't real. You cannot tell me that the same guy who went on that epic 2016 title celebration run

did the entire thing without a sip of Henny. I feel like everything I've been led to believe about JR is a lie after this news. I feel like there are certain things we as a society need to believe in and JR Smith being the Henny God is one of em. I almost didn't want to believe this so I did a quick Google search and it appears this isn't all that new of a story. Back in 2017 JR said the same thing to Channing Frye on his podcast and had this tweet

and then last year on the Knuckleheads podcast he said he's only had 3 sips of it in his life.

The whole thing has my head spinning really. I'm going to instead choose to believe it's not true because that's basically been JR's brand. If the Henny God in fact doesn't even like or drink the stuff, well what other NBA reputations are lies. Is LeBron actually clutch? Is Kyrie actually a good teammate? Where does it end?