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Rodney From Survivor Is A Once In A Lifetime Type Masshole




“Some people are smart with biochemistry. Some people know astronauts. Some people can be a doctor. I’m just a master at getting jacked”




Can’t really add much to that.   Hey Rodney don’t sell yourself short.  Tom Brady isn’t the GOAT.  You are.   One of the greatest Massholes I’ve ever seen in my life.  I just wish the Specialist was on this season to go toe to toe with Rodney.  That would be must see TV if it’snot already.


PS – I’ve gotten a lot of email from people who know Rodney being like he’s not faking at all.  He’s 100% the real deal Masshole.  Gee ya think?  You can’t fake that shit.  You either have it or you don’t.


Double PS – I’ve never heard anybody brag more about being jacked who isn’t that jacked before in my life.