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Poor Bastard On 'Price Is Right' Wins A Trip To Game 4 Of The Stanley Cup Final. Coronavirus Is A Real Pigeon For That One

Ohhhhh fuck, bud. Really hope he was wearing a cup up there because that was a massive kick to the sack. Hell, that's a Chara clap bomb right to the nads. 

And to think that he had an opportunity to watch the Philadelphia Flyers hoist Lord Stanley's Cup over their heads after sweeping their way through the entire Stanley Cup Playoff. ECQF sweep. Eastern Conference Semis sweep. Conference Final sweep. And then following that up by avenging the 1997 Flyers by sweeping the shit out of whatever group of peasants they'd have coming out of the West in the Final. And buddy over there would have been in the barn to see it live. To see Kevin "The Best Ones" Hayes take a lap around the rink with the Cup in his hands. To see Cahtah Haht win the first of several Conn Smythes in his career. And to see Claude Giroux finally get all the boomers in Philly to shut the fuck up about not being as great of a leader as Bobby Clarke. It would have been glorious. It would have been magical. But no. This goddamn virus had to rip it away from him. Brutal break there, bud. 

P.S. - I know it shouldn't bother me nearly as much as it does but it's the Stanley Cup FINAL. Not a plural Finals. Total bender move by the guy announcing the prize here. 

P.P.S. - Hilarious that they had a Canucks jersey on the prize display as if that were ever a possibility. Hopefully that was just a troll job from the producers or something.