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Adrian Peterson Wins His Appeal And Has His Suspension Overturned

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So naturally the internet is freaking out about this right now. Everybody saying what a huge shock this is blah, blah, blah.  Well as a great philosopher once said….No doy.   Seriously am I the only blogger with a brain? That’s not even a rhetorical question. I’m being dead serious. Of course his suspension was overturned! What Goodell and the NFL did was blatantly illegal. This isn’t hindsight. This is what I wrote when they suspended him.

“PS – I think it’s obvious that Adrian Peterson will win his appeal with a neutral arbitrator but the NFL doesn’t care because the season will be basically over by then.”

And that’s exactly what happened. The NFL just wanted to get through the season any way they could. They didn’t care if they broke the law in the process. It was a PR nightmare that they needed to make go away especially after the Ray Rice thing. Now the Vikings will either have to cut him, trade him or make peace. My guess is he never puts on a Vikings uniform again and rightfully so. I’d be pissed if I were him to. I’ve said from Day 1 Peterson got screwed and he did. Yes he was wrong to beat his kid with the twitch but if the Ray Rice thing didn’t happen before it he would have been suspended for 1 game max.


I stand by what I wrote about Peterson when this all broke.  I’d take him on the Pats in a heartbeat.

Basically I think Adrian Peterson is getting a bad rap here.  Yes what Adrian Peterson did was clearly wrong, but nowhere in the same stratosphere as what Ray Rice and Greg Hardy did. Like those guys should be kicked out of the league. Peterson needs parenting lessons and counseling. Greg Hardy shouldn’t be playing today, but I wouldn’t get on my soapbox if AP did. Those guys beat up women with the intent to hurt them because they were angry. Peterson however misguided he may have been was trying to teach his kid a lesson. If anything nowadays parents are too lenient on their kids. They let them get away with murder.There is no doubt that Peterson went overboard, but it’s the lesser of two evils in my mind.


I guess it boils down to what you think Peterson was trying to do or prove. For me the way he has acted since it happened, the texts he sent after it happened, all make me think he’s telling the truth with his intent. That he loves his kids and was trying to teach them hard lessons. He fucked up no doubt, but I’m not judging his character as a man or a dad because of this. I just think he needs to go to the Ditka school of parenting. If you’re gonna hit a kid it’s gotta be in the butt.