Marty Walsh Introduces Boston Bingo To Get People To Support Local Business's Getting Hammered By the Snow






You can’t hate Marty Walsh for trying.   I mean all consumer stores must be getting hammered with this weather.  You can’t walk anywhere.  You can’t drive anywhere.  Everybody is just bunkered up in their houses being miserable.    But honestly do you think this will cause 1 person to go outside who otherwise would not have?  I’m being dead serious.   Do you think 1 person will be like “I wasn’t gonna go out for dinner but now that I can play Boston Bingo I’m going”.    The total has to be set at .5 people and I’m taking the under.    Again I’m not sure what else you could do but there is just zero chance this works.    ZERO.

PS – And not to complain but what about online business’s effected by the weather?   How about putting buy a tshirt online as one of the squares?  Would that have killed Marty?  Smut peddlers got to eat too.