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Sinead O'Connor Goes Off On Conor McGregor, Says He Sounds Like A Slave Owner/Racist, Conor Responds

Can we just acknowledge something before I even go on with this blog? It's Wednesday, April 15th, 2020 - we're in the middle of a global pandemic - and I typed out the following headline...

"Sinead O'Connor Goes Off On Conor McGregor, Says He Sounds Like A Slave Owner/Racist, Conor Responds"

We are truly living in the weirdest fucking timeline there could ever be. Let's just get on with it.

Sinead O'Connor (who apparently goes by @MagdaDavitt77 on Twitter) is absolutely losing it on Conor McGregor because he's calling for Ireland to close down its borders while the coronavirus is still spreading as uncontrollably as it is. She went from calling him a slave owner to a racist to a xenophobe faster than Conor could KO Cowboy, all over how he believes Ireland should handle COVID-19 related stuff, and then he actually formulated what I think reads like a pretty rational response to Sinead! 

Conor explained his whole point of view, and said it has nothing to do with xenophobia or immigrants - just the spread of the virus. Sinead then didn't acknowledge anything he said and called him a racist again, saying he's made racist remarks in the past (which you could argue he has). 

From there, McGregor said, "Nà déan mearbhall ar ghnó na troda le réaltacht, Sinead. Tá brón orm má chiontaítear é.", which roughly translates to "Do not confuse the fighting business with reality, Sinead. I am sorry if I have convicted."

Sinead fired off one final subtweet and left it at that.

This feels like a weird fever-dream. I don't even know what is happening anymore. All hell has broken loose on these Twitter streets and I don't know up from down or right from left. I feel like every time I refresh any social media app I'm reliving this GIF…

It's just bad news here, bad news there, arguments on every corner, and then John Krasinski being wholesome.

Will this make Conor think twice about walking out to Sinead's version of "The Foggy Dew" the next time he competes in the octagon? I guess we'll just have to wait and see!