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The Rakuten Monkeys Walk If Off And The Crowd Goes Wild!

What an electric call! "Cinderella put on your shoes! We're going dancing tonight! Game over! Walk-off home run!" Amazing. Like I said before, I don't care, geographically, where baseball is being played. If we're going to get professionals stepping in between those white lines, not only am I going to watch, but I'm also going to get super invested. Shout out to the Rakuten Monkeys of the Chinese Professional Baseball League in Taiwan. It wasn't an easy win, but the box score never shows how easy or difficult a win was. A win is a win, and the Monkeys walked this shit off in front of all of their diehard fans. I mean, look at how excited these fucking people were. Pandemonium!

Credit to the fans for wearing their masks, too, besides this asshole with the sign. Can't stress enough how important that is right now. Health first, sports second. Go Monkeys.