Bob Kravitz Is A Pathological Liar


Does the mouse of a man sitting helplessly at the table look like somebody who told the dashing alpha male in the tuxedo to fuck off?


Grantland - Kravitz was at the media center when a man approached him. “I hesitate to acknowledge his existence,” Kravitz said. “But there was this guy from Barstool Sports Boston, which I guess is like a fanboy, softcore porn thing.” The guy was Dave “El Presidente” Portnoy, a student of the Unseen Hand theory, one who would later call Kravitz a “patsy” of Deflategate. “I think he hates the Patriots,” Portnoy told me. “He’s trying to basically do anything to cast them in a negative way.”

How did you even know what Kravitz looked like? I asked Portnoy. His picture wasn’t on his Twitter account. Portnoy explained that one of his Zaprudite readers had sent him a video of Kravitz doing stand-up comedy. Portnoy recognized his bête noir and asked him to do an on-camera interview.

“I said, ‘I think your website is garbage,’” Kravitz recalled. “Everything you’ve written about what happened is completely wrong and completely misrepresents who I am and what I did.” Portnoy doesn’t remember Kravitz saying that. (I actually said Kravitz was a liar) “What he said to me was the reason he wouldn’t go on camera was because I had his source wrong.” Portnoy had written a post fingering the now-famous Mike Kensil as Kravitz’s source. Portnoy hadn’t included any “I think” caveats. Kravitz recalled, “I said, straight up, ‘You can speculate that Mike Kensil gave Kravitz all this stuff. You can’t say with 100 percent certainty that he was my source.’ “He said, ‘Who was your source?’” “I said, ‘Go fuck yourself.’”


So Grantland had a big article on Deflategate today. The above was a passage about my encounter with Bob Kravitz told from Kraitz’s perspective. Umm holy shit! Not only is this guy a mouse of a man, but he’s a 100% certified pathological liar. You told me to fuck off? You told me our website was garbage? In what fucking world? No you fucking didn’t. You sat there like you were sitting in the above picture the entire time with your tail tucked between you legs pissing yourself. You were too scared to go on camera. You were too scared to defend yourself. You just sat there and took it on the chin like a chump. You just closed your eyes and hoped the bad man would go way. That’s why I tweeted about it instantly. That’s why I bragged about our encounter on Felger and Mazz 5 minutes after it happened. That’s why I blogged what was said. That’s why Sales Guy and I couldn’t stop talking about what a pussy you are. You had your chance to be a man and you puked all over yourself.


Listen love me or hate me when have I ever lied about an encounter? When have I been scared to go on camera? When have I turtled? Never. Bob Kravitz is a liar and a pussy. I thought he was gonna cry before our conversation was over. And now he has the balls to say he told me to fuck off? That he told me our site was garbage to our face? BULLSHIT. The only fucking thing he said to me was that I was wrong about Kensil being the source. That’s it. That was his excuse. After that I fed him his lungs for 5 minutes straight and he took it all.. Only after I was long gone did he start talking tough. Classic coward behavior. Twitter tough guy like you read about. Him telling me to fuck off in person is what he tells himself he did when he looks in the mirror and pretends he’s not a mouse of a man. Keep dreaming Bobby. Everybody knows the truth.

PS – I love how this article credited our boy Tom Curran with being the first to create the conspiracy theory angle. I guess we couldn’t expect much more from Grantland,but clearly I invented that.

Double PS – This part right here?

Gregg Doyel, a columnist at the Indianapolis Star, published a columnsaying that if found guilty, the Patriots ought to be taken out of the Super Bowl. “Here’s how it works,” Doyel told me. “If you write something and it’s compelling enough, it leaves a mark. Boston went nuts over what I wrote. You know why? Because I left a mark. I’ll take that.”

This is what is wrong with guys like Gregg Doyel, Shank, and Kravitz. Old world media guys who aren’t talented enough to write things that people enjoy reading so they just write to agitate. And they do it under the guise of reputable journalism. It’s one thing to write inflammatory shit if you write for Barstool,but the Indianapolis Star and Globe etc claim neutrality. They claim to be reputable sources with no side agendas. That’s why they get so many pageviews with this shit. Because they spew hate and propaganda on a medium that claims to be unbiased, Anybody can slap an article on Boston Globe or Indianapolis Star and say ridiculous shit and get pageviews. That doesn’t mean you did a good job. It means you’re not good enough to get people to read you without stooping to this level. It’s just old school journalists seeing their futures flash between their eyes and selling their souls and integrity to stay afloat.