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Nate's 2:00-3:00 Blog Of The Day

That video is fucking heartbreaking. This is brutal. WWE just laid off a ton of wrestlers and watching Drake Maverick break down like that at the thought of never wrestling again is devastating. Makes me realize, once again, how fortunate I am to have a job. And not just any job, one of the best jobs in the world. Sure I get shit on by my boss or the stoolies who I love talk shit about me in the comments or whatever, but who cares. Yes, I would prefer to be outwardly appreciated, but what I've learned in 7 years of doing this is way more people do appreciate us than don't. The comment section is 1) hivemind for upvotes, and 2) less than 1% of the audience. I've only once have had a bad interaction with a stoolie in real life and that's when a guy tracked me down and pied me at 2 in the morning outside of a bar. Kinda bizarre to be stalked like that to be honest. Like, I'm not even famous or anything and a guy legit tracked me down and waited outside for me. Thank god he didn't want to murder me. I can't imagine the anxiety actual famous people feel every day. 

But anyway, yeah. Kinda jarring to see that video above. Humbling even. This blog is a little delayed today because we just did an awesome interview/chat (I don't like calling it an interview because we basically just had a conversation) with poker player Mike McDonald. He's the guy trying to make 90/100 free throws by the end of the year. We talked about that but also a ton of things outside of poker and it went really, really well. He's great, so that'll be up tonight.

It's 3pm and I haven't eaten today. I should do that. Getting kinda hungry. Time flies when you spend 2 hours recording a podcast, that's for sure.

Hey remember when I did the Flying 69 on Asa? 

Maybe one day a girl will Flying 69...into my heart.

No questions today because I a bit backed up, but normal 2:00 blog with questions will be back tomorrow. For today just remember to thank your stars if you are still employed, nothing is every promised tomorrow today. Gosh bless.