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The GM Of The MBTA Beverly Scott Is Nuts



So as everybody knows by now the MBTA is in shambles.  It was shut down yesterday.  It’s shut down today.  It keeps breaking.   People keep getting stranded.  Charlie Baker is ripping them to shreds.  Well today the GM of the MBTA held a press conference and this bitch came out SWINGING.   Just like 10 minutes of ranting and raving and to be honest I don’t even know what the fuck she said.   She was calling tweets twits.  Going off on tangents about god knows what.  Basically saying nothing was their fault.   Blaming it all on the Big Dig.   For all I know she’s telling the truth.  That there is nothing they could have done with this much snow.  Regardless I’ve never had less confidence in anybody than I do her.   Just seemed totally overwhelmed.    If leadership is about instilling confidence than she failed miserably.


PS – If you take the MBTA right now you’re a fool.  It’s obvious the MBTA won’t be ready till March.   So if you get stuck on that thing you got nobody to blame but yourself.