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Bill Simmons Is Eyeing A Move Back To Boston Because He Wants To "Own This City"


(Where is Menonous?)


Gawker – Here’s something fun to consider: Does Bill Simmons fancy himself as the LeBron James of Boston? According to a source, the Grantland honcho, who has lived in Los Angeles since 2002, was telling friends over dinner last night that he’s “toying” with the idea of moving back to his hometown.

Here’s the full scene:

so a coworker of mine was sitting next to simmons’ table at a restaurant last night and he was loudly holding court w/bros on how “i’m toying with the idea of moving back to boston” and how “i could own that city if i was there!” something something about not having the same power in l.a.

He’s also still riding high from the Patriots‘ Super Bowl win, which birthed the above photo of Simmons hanging out with Ben Affleck, Matt Damon and some schmo from the Mighty Mighty Bosstones. Simmons loves the concept of “Mount Rushmore,” in which a city or industry or sport is defined by its four best and most famous faces. Maybe, in the midst of celebrating with Boston royalty, he saw his own face on the mountain.


Fucking Simmons. What a clown. Where was Chiklas and Menounos for that photo? Is Simmons even from Boston? Isn’t he a Greenwhich guy? Seriously isn’t that where he is from? Either way how dellousional is he to think he can just waltz back here after 15 years like he’s the cock of the walk?  Thinks he can just come back here and own it?  Bro I’d charge you a tax just to work here. Because while you were drinking Appletini’s watching the Superbowl in LA I was guarding the wall all fucking week. Seriously if you’re rich and famous and live in LA how do you not go to this Superbowl? How do any of those guys in that photo not go to the Superbowl? You’re a 2 hour flight away for god sakes. What a joke. Simmons stay in LA you Marshmellow.