Twitter Plans On Letting People Buy Blue Checkmarks For A Dollar?



CNBC - Those following Twitter’s activities are aware that the social networking site and its CEO, Dick Costolo, have been on a tear recently. The company made multiple product changes over the last month in an effort to bring in new users and enhance the experience for current ones. But now, one angel investor told CNBC that, among other things, Twitter is planning to offer an option allowing users to pay a small fee to get verified. Entrepreneur Jason Calacanis told CNBC’s “Halftime Report” on Friday that the company will create a new revenue source called “Verified Twitter,” he said, “where anyone would be able to verify their account for $1 a year or something like that.”

Let me say this loud and clear. The day losers can buy blue checkmarks on twitter for a buck is the day I sell all my shares in Twitter and quit the Twitter game forever. If everybody is verified than nobody is verified. The only reason I want that blue check mark is so I can look across the table at Hank and call him a bum. So when a chick asks for my twitter handle she see’s that blue check mark and is like “this guy is a BIG DEAL. I better suck his dick” It’s just another way for me to prove I’m better than you. A status symbol. An online class system. That’s all that blue check mark is. It’s the cashmere of the Internet. But if everybody has it than I don’t want it. I don’t want to be lumped in with the peasants and the riff raffs of society. I want to be verified because I swing a huge internet dick and that’s it. Not because I bought it. The best things in life are the things money can’t buy. That’s a fact jack.


PS – Yeah I know Twitter is up a billion points last 2 days.   I’m still down.