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Boomer Esiason Says Deflategate Was A Coordinated Attack By the Ravens and Colts To Embarrass The Patriots.


If looking like a scumbag correlates to deflating footballs and framing people then Colts GM Bobby Grigson is 1,000% guilty



BOSTON (CBS) - NFL football operations chief Troy Vincent confirmed in an interview with 60 Minutes Sports on Showtime that Colts general manager Ryan Grigson notified the league about a potential issue with the footballs in the AFC Championship game. Ironically enough, and contrary to the initial report, only one of the footballs was found to be two pounds per square inch under the required 12.5 PSI threshold, with the rest being “just a tick under” the limit. People can draw their own conclusions, but the Colts were only in possession of a Patriots football one time, and that came after a D’Qwell Jackson interception of Tom Brady midway through the second quarter. Is it possible the Colts may have leaked the football and handed it to the referees for investigation, while the other 11 balls naturally deflated from atmospheric conditions? It sure sounds that way, and Boomer Esiason wouldn’t be surprised given the nature of the NFL. “If you notice, Harbaugh never went after Bill Belichick and never said anything negative about him as a coach for the previous two weeks leading up to the Super Bowl. Next week the Patriots are playing the Colts, and their head coach is Chuck Pagano, who was once defensive coordinator under John Harbaugh and the Ravens. They’re all close and they’re all tight,” explained Esiason.“This is what I believe happened: they all wanted to embarrass Tom Brady, and they wanted to put him on the spit if you will. They wanted to make him answer questions about said rule book.”


Listen I want to be done talking about Deflategate as much as the next guy. But guess what people? I made a vow that the neither I nor the Patriots could not let Deflategate die after we won the superbowl and I’m going to stick to it.  Because as the days pass it becomes more and more obvious every single thing I said was 1,000% right the entire time. Deflategate was a coordinated attack by the Ravens, Colts and the league. Now even Boomer Essiason is saying I was right. We’ve learned it was the Colts GM Ryan Grigson who alerted the league. Ryan Grigson who worked for the Rams when the Pats beat them in the superbowl and the same Ryan Grigson who worked for the Eagles when the Pats beat them in the superobwl. No axe to grind there. Anyway the point remains that the NFL, Colts and Ravens purposefully tried to embarrass the Patriots. They most likely deflated a football themselves to create controversy. It’s easy to just let sleeping dogs lie because we won the Superbowl, but that’s not good enough. People need to be held accountable. People need to lose their jobs. Heads need to roll.  Grigson, Kravitz, Goodell, Kensil etc. If the NFL thinks I’m just gonna let this slowly fade away they don’t know me very well. I don’t care that we were exonerated and are the greatest team in the history of sports. I want to watch people bleed to death in the streets and dance on their graves.