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The Girl Who Posted the Snap of Banging Edelman Is Now Blacklisted in Boston





OUCH.   I got to be honest I kind of think this is making something out of nothing.  I mean who fucking cares?  Unless Edelman has a girlfriend or something.  Then I get being mad.  But isn’t he just single and pretty much the top guy (him or Gronk) that every chick in Boston wants to fuck?  What does Edelman care?  Of course he’s fucking everything that moves.  He’s be a moron not to.   I just don’t get how this reflects badly on either of them to be honest.   You just won the freaking Superbowl.  I didn’t need to see a picture to know he was slaying all night.   Just don’t see the big deal.


PS – Lots of people asking me what gossip I decide to post and what I don’t.   Like why post this when I’ve seen lots of stuff just as juicy that I don’t post.   Well it’s simple.  Edelman doesn’t follow me on twitter.   No kidding, but not, but am.   Basically I don’t post shit I see with my own 2 eyes.  Like if Gronk fucked 10 chicks on the dancefloor at the Pats party I wouldn’t blog it.   I don’t post shit that I see when I’ve been invited as a guest or if those guys came to a Blackout or something.  It’s just viral shit that I know is going viral with or without me like this.