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Word On The Street Is That Victoria F And Chris Soules Are Hanging Out In Iowa During Quarantine......Wait What??

Us Magazine- Odd couple? Bachelor alums Chris Soules and Victoria Fuller are hanging out after the two connected via social media, Us Weekly can confirm. “Chris slid into Victoria’s DMs,” a source tells Us exclusively. “He apparently DMs a lot of people.” Reality Steve was the first to report on Wednesday, April 15, that Soules, 38, and Fuller, 26, were spending the week together in his home state of Iowa. Meanwhile, fans noticed on April 2 that the pair began following each other on Instagram. The Dancing With the Stars alum appeared on Andi Dorfman’s season of The Bachelorette in 2014 before going on to star as the season 19 Bachelor the following year. He got engaged to Whitney Bischoff, but they announced their split in May 2015.

Fuller, for her part, made headlines as a contestant on Peter Weber’s season of The Bachelor earlier this year. She earned a spot in the final three, but the pilot, 28, sent her home after their fantasy suite date.


Me rn 

What in the name of Chris Harrison is happening!

Listen we're living in a time where waking up to unexpected news has become the norm but even this left me STUNNED. Baffled. Bewildered. Perplexed. Mystified and all the other words that are synonyms of those words I listed. If I woke up with my head sewn to the carpet I wouldn't be more surprised than I am now. I don't follow Reality Steve because I don't like having things spoiled for me but this news was simply too crazy to ignore. TONS of people sent that tweet to me so it was impossible to avoid.

Victoria F and Chris Soules! Hanging out! In the great state of Iowa! Maybe dating! I honestly don't think you could dream up a more random Bachelor couple. Don't get me wrong, Bachelor people from different season get together all the time, it's just that Victoria F and Chris Soules is one I DID NOT see coming down the pipeline. Nobody did. And it's not like they met on Bachelor In Paradise. or something. That would make a ton of sense in fact. A couple of Bachelor castoffs meeting up in Paradise is the whole point of that show but nope! They met in the wild! Insane.

I have a lot of questions:

How did it first start?

How long has this been going on?

When did Victoria F go to Iowa? Before or after the quarantine started?

Why did they decide to quarantine in Iowa where Soules lives instead of Virginia Beach where Victoria F lives? Is Chris not allowed to leave the state?

Has Victoria F tried Casey's breakfast pizza yet?

Are they going to start doing farm Tik Toks?

I could go on and on with other questions I have about this but those are the main ones.

Sounds like we do have an answer to, "How did it first start?" Prince Farming slid into Victoria F's DMs and off it went. Fair enough. That's a pretty common way for people to meet these days, certainly people in the Bachelor Cinematic Universe (BCU). The other questions will have to remain unanswered for the time being. Holy shit what an unexpected turn of events.