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While Trade Rumors Swirl About Him, OBJ Is Doing Trickshot Videos With His Smokeshow Girlfriend

If reports are true, OBJ is once again, on the trade market. This rumor came after Jay Glazer's infamous tease last night:

It does not appear that Glazer will be reporting on anything OBJ related:

And Schefter has said no trade with OBJ is imminent:

Odell isn't new to rumors or drama. His entire NFL career has been based around them. I'd assume he's bulletproof to any "OBJ will be traded" talk by now. To put it frankly, OBJ is out here living his best life:

The center is his girlfriend, LoLo:

Not sure what to think about her center-QB exchange:

I hate to be a rules stickler, but two hands? I'm pretty sure that's illegal. LoLo will have to work on that exchange if she hopes to have any career in football. It's the little things in life.