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Quarantine Has Caused Me To Fall Absolutely In Love With Efrat Dor In 'Sneaky Pete'

If you're in quarantine with a significant other you're starting to learn some tricks of the trade. By that I mean it's finding a show that you both can watch to kill time before one of you falls asleep and the other can do their thing. In the Reagan household that show has been Sneaky Pete on Amazon Prime. It stars Giovanni Ribisi (Phoebe's brother in Friends) and is written by Bryan Cranston (he's around the first season). Great show for the first season, good 2nd season, 3rd season is weird. That said there's plenty of comedy mixed in with the drama. Exactly what I'm looking for.

But then, during this weird 3rd season, I've learned about Efron Dot. I have fallen absolutely in love with her too, thanks to her character Lizzie on the show. Now I have a few takeaways from the show: 

1. Audrey (the grandmother, she's one of those actresses that is in EVERYTHING) is one of the 5 worst characters in TV history. She sucks out loud. 

2. It might be going crazy, but I'm very interested in the conman lifestyle that this portrays. I want to learn the tricks. I don't want to be involved in life or death situations, but a few million bucks in cash sure seems nice. 

3. Efrat Dor - unbelievable name, terrifyingly awesome character as Lizzie. 

It's an easy watch. 30 episodes between 35-55 minutes long. Like I said there's a bunch of comedy mixed in and you get Bryan Cranston as a character for season 1 and a writer. Check it out if you need something to watch.