MMA Legend Georges St-Pierre Says He Didn't Enjoy A Single Second He Spent In The Octagon

Yesterday, during an interview with Ariel Helwani, former UFC Champ Georges St-Pierre said that he didn't enjoy a single second that he spent in the octagon throughout his career - he only did it because he was good at it and he enjoyed the life it gave him!

Gotta say - Coach John Kavanagh is right when he says that's pretty fuckin depressing! 

I'm not sure I would necessarily call the quote surprising, because Georges has been very open about the anxieties of fighting that he has greatly struggled with, but this is GEORGES ST-PIERRE we're talking about! You can make a verrrry valid argument that he's the greatest to ever do it! He holds one of the most storied careers in the history of mixed martial arts! He was one of the most beloved athletes in the entire Great White North in his prime, and spent the majority of his career viewed as a virtually unbeatable once-in-a-generation talent...and he didn't enjoy fighting for a second? He literally only did it because he was sick at it and it made him money? 

In the words of Shaquille Rashaun O'Neal...

Hearing St-Pierre say stuff like this is heartbreaking, because a guy like that deserved to enjoy his fighting career, but at the same time, I think he's reeaaaaallly content in retirement, so I'm glad the story has a happy ending. Still tho - damn!

You might not've enjoyed your time spent in the cage, Georges, but I know I did, and countless others did as well, so thank you for that. Seeing you win the UFC Middleweight Championship at UFC 217 is one of my favorite sports moments I've ever been in attendance for and I'll never forget that.