Shakira and J Lo Have Nothing On The Rakuten Girls Over In The Chinese Pro Baseball League



Blood bath. I picture J Lo and Shakira furiously screaming their homes and breaking things the moment they got wind of the Rakuten girls and their plans. Back to the drawing board. You know how the NFL planned on adopting things they saw that worked in the XFL for their own? I think MLB has to do the same with the Chinese Pro Baseball League. We need our own version of the Rakuten girls. Have to have it. Done deal. If we can't have fans in the stands then at least give the people at home an intermission of some sorts.

In that CPBL game today we had a walk off BOMB from a dude who hit 3 homers in the game. The ball has not landed yet. Absolutely pissed on that ball. 

And at the 14 second mark of the clip we got footage of the mannequins fans going apeshit in the stands! 

Baseball in 2020 baby! Drink it in!