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People Forget How Filthy Alvin Kamara Was In College

Man, seeing this highlight took me back to the glory days of Tennessee losing to Top 10 teams in the most gut-wrenching ways possible instead of getting blown out – we lost that A&M game in 2OT because Butch Jones didn't go for two after we got within a point with less than a minute left but whatever, I'm not still mad about it. Fun times.

But it also reminded me what a disgusting specimen Alvin Kamara was in college. It's a damn shame Jones refused to play him full-time ahead of Jalen Hurd, because there's no telling what kind of numbers he would have put up in his two years at Tennessee.

Every time Kamara touched the ball, something fun as hell was going to happen. The moves he put on people in the open field were just ridiculous. All he does is make guys miss.

Yep, those were the days. Before I knew what real rock bottom was — 4-8 in 2017 was on its way. But whatever, the AK highlight tapes live forever.

Who are the most under-appreciated college football players of this century? I'd put Kamara alongside Todd Reesing, LaMichael James and Andy Dalton. Who's on your list?