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Seth Rogen Dropping Into Your Zoom Class Is Pretty Damn Cool I Guess

One of the positives of quarantine has been seeing mega celebrities randomly jump into zoom classes and just hanging out. Seth Rogen is the latest to do so. Just popping into some random college class and talking ambition it sounds like? My guess is the question went something like, "You smoke a lot of weed. How do you remain motivated and ambitious?" I'd actually really love to hear his answer on that. I'd listen to just about anything Seth Rogen has to say. 

The only thing missing was his laugh. I can't believe we didn't get a Seth Rogen laugh outta that clip. It's iconic at this point.

Who would your top 3 celebrities you would like to have join a zoom group you're in be?

My list goes like this:

1. Tiger Woods 

Pretty obvious. Any time you can spend time with the GOAT, you do it. Maybe I can tell him where I'm stationed because I have a clear answer right now and it's at the epicenter of the coronavirus. I'd also like to see how the quarantine beard is coming in.

2. Chris Harrison 

I don't know if you saw but we're friends now. His words, not mine.

3. Seth Rogen 

Like I said above, I'd listen to anything Seth Rogen has to say. He's one of the most successful comedy writers of all time and also just seems like a cool dude. I've listened to a lot of his interviews and he's a super interesting guy as you would expect. So yeah he's on my list for sure.