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That's A Good Bit!

Today for "That's A Good Bit," I'm going all Ian Wednesday. Ian Edwards and Ian Bagg. These two guys are absolute beasts. Over the years doing stand up in L.A I watched these guys kill every room in the city. 

As you grow in stand up your sets are very inconsistent. Some days you do great, other days you can't buy a laugh. While you're a comic in this phase of your career not many things motivate you than watching a fellow comic who ALWAYS kills. You see how great of a comic they are and how easy they make it look. That's what I think about with Ian Edwards and Ian Bagg. These guys have seriously amazing chops. I love both of their unique styles and it's always a treat to watch them work.

When you're a newer comic out there trying with everything you have, can't do what these guys can do on their worst day. seeing this level of comedy gave me the motivation to always need another set. I'd get off stage and be like where else can we maybe get a spot? You want nothing more than to be able to do what they do. Always kill. The only way to get there is being on stage working on the material, working on the set. You want to be a comic that no matter the room, who went on before you or how many people are in the crowd, you destroy. Nothing feels better than going up to what everyone thinks is a stiff room and blowing the roof off. That's what guys like Ian Edwards and Ian Bagg, do.  I love both of their unique styles and it's always a treat to watch them work.

Enjo these clips!

This bit by Ian Edwards is an absolute gem. 

Next is Ian Bagg. One of the best crowd work guys in the biz. 

Ian Bagg Prt 1.

Here is part two of that set.