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Big Boy Merch Now Available: Nike Dri-Fit Quarter Zips and Champion Joggers In Sizes Up To 4X

Figured since we're all in quarantine we'd give you something comfy to wear. Sizes range from small all the way up to 3x for sweats and 4x for quarter zips. Not sure why we didn't do this sooner considering the size of everyone on our show, but I digress. 

I've been wearing the Dri-Fit for the past month and I can honestly say it's the perfect indoor/outdoor pull over. Warm yet breathable and it doesn't look like a walking billboard. Sweats just came in the mail today, but considering they're Champion I'm sure once I put then on I won't take them off. Oh, and they're both unisex. 



PS: I don't know who decided to call this the "Dad Hat" but I love them for it.