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Nobody Moved Off The Ball Better Than Reggie Miller

When people think of Indiana now I feel like they think of Peyton Manning

I get it. He is the most recent to play here, football has become more popular, and he has a statue. 

But for people like me who were never big Colts fans, Reggie Miller is our top Indiana sports icon. He deserves a statue just as much if not more than Peyton Manning

18 years (funny how that works) with the same franchise. Singlehandedly put Indiana and the Pacers on the map during one of the greatest eras of NBA hoops. Love him. 

One of the best parts about watching Reggie was how damn active he was. The dude never stopped moving. Never. A lot of people think about Steph Curry being someone who originated moving off ball, but kids I'm here to introduce you to Reggie Miller

Yeah his shot looked funny, but like your pops used to always say, it doesn't matter how it looks as long as it goes in. It went in a lot for Reggie. 

Also loved how well he read screens. If the defender went over, he went under. If the defender went under, Reggie popped out. He just knew how to fuckin get open. 

I hate so much that his best shot at a title got fucked up by the Brawl. I guess that's not totally true. Still had a shot at Detroit in the playoffs that year, but man there's not a TON of athletes you can say deserved a ring that never got one, but Reggie certainly fits that bill. 

I'm going to play back the Pacers-Knicks playoff game at MSG today to remember the greatness of 31.