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Aaron Hernandez Deserves The Death Penalty. No, Not For Killing A Million People. Because He's The Worst Tipper In The World




FALL RIVER, Mass. – A witness in the murder trial of former New England Patriots player Aaron Hernandez has testified that she saw him smoking marijuana outside a bar hours before the killing. Hernandez is charged with killing Odin Lloyd in the early morning hours of June 17, 2013. Lloyd was dating the sister of Hernandez’s fianceé. Kelly Rose Belanger testified Thursday that Hernandez was with a group of people at the bar she managed on the night of June 16. She says he went in and out several times with another man. She smelled marijuana and went outside to see them smoking pot. She asked him to stop, and he did. Hernandez paid the $243 bill and left a $30 tip at around 12:15 a.m. Lloyd was dead around three hours later.



Look man, I gave you the benefit of doubt before. Maybe you murdered a few people, but I didn’t think you were necessarily a bad guy. Maybe you were into angel dust, but I didn’t necessarily a bad guy. Maybe you shot someone’s eye out, but that could happen to anyone. You could’ve just been a nice guy who got himself in a few hundred bad situations. But you know what? No one who’s ever left like a fucking 12% tip is a good person. If you give less than 20% for even mediocre service then you’re the biggest piece of shit on planet earth. Lock him up and throw away the key. Better yet, give him the death penalty. A $30 tip on a $243 bill is the most disgusting crime I’ve ever seen.

PS – You’re also a dirt ball if you drink Sex on the Beach at a bar in Providence in June. That’s strictly island bar stuff.