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The G League Tried To Steal Top-5 Recruit Terrence Clarke From UK - Until Clarke Let Everyone Know Kentucky >>> The World

It's been a weird 12 hours in college basketball Twitter. I'll say this. I heard from a very, very reliable source that there was traction of Jalen Green and Isaiah Todd leaning toward the G League select contract roster. Green is making his decision tomorrow between a pro career (the leader on his Crystal Ball), Auburn and Oregon. Last night the Crystal Ball predicted 45% pro for Green, it's now up to 58%. Todd, you may remember the name, was the 5-star who decommitted from Michigan yesterday to go to the pro route. 

Somehow during this last night a rumor started that Terrence Clarke, a top-5 recruit going to Kentucky, was going to leave and go to the G League. They could make between $500,000-600,000 based on base salary + incentive plan bonuses + marketing. Obviously a decent chunk of change that you won't make in college (unless you play for Will Wade, allegedly of course). 

So 12 hours later we get this. Coach Cal putting out one of the most relieving tweets you could ever see if you're a Kentucky fan. He talked to Rod Strickland, a good friend of his. There's no doubt that Strick is going to do what's best for the G League, but he's still going to work with Calipari and give him a heads up on shit like this. And then we follow that up with Clarke dropping his own tweet confirming that he's going to be a Cat. 

The G League select deal is going to be interesting if/when someone does it. We haven't had the guinea pig here yet. We know what it's like when guys skip college to play overseas. We saw Darius Bazley skip college to do a year internship with New Balance. We saw Mitchell Robinson skip college to work out for a year. But we have yet to see someone go right to the G League - a league that gets shit on but is still the 2nd best league in the world. 

But for now, we get to enjoy Terrence Clarke in blue. This is a good thing because he's fucking awesome.