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Harry Caray Cheering For Michael Jordan Playing At Wrigley Field Is Just Lovely

I'm looking for every bit of positivity I can get these days. 

So when I refreshed Twitter and saw a throwback video from 1994 of Michael Jordan hitting a double at Wrigley Field during an exhibition game, you know I was all over it. 

Space Jam kind of ruined the outlandish idea of Michael Jordan playing professional baseball to me. It was just a given to us kids born in the '90's. But now that I'm an adult, it's absolutely bonkers thinking about LeBron James playing baseball. 

Imagine LeBron playing at Dodger Stadium in an exhibition game with Vin Scully coming back to call that one. Wild. Even though I guess LeBron would be more likely to go play tight end for the Dallas Cowboys than he would to play baseball. 

You know what, this wasn't even what this blog was initially about, but I'm totally down for that. In these crazy times let's just mix up all the sports especially if no one is going to be able to be in the stands. 

LeBron go play for the Cowboys. 

Steph Curry go play on the PGA Tour. 

Kirk Cousins just go be a minivan dad. 

Anyways, I miss Harry Caray and baseball. Enjoy the clip.