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Cardi B's IG Mango Live Show Got Crashed By Bernie Sanders To Show Off His Quarantine Hands

I know this one feels like a politics blog but it's really not. Cardi B was balls deep in some delicious mango last night and I want to circle back on it

Apparently mango is delicious?

Personally I wouldn't know because I've never had mango. Not off a tree in El Salvador, not off the grocery store shelf and certainly not as a frozen delicacy after a nice meal or MLB start like Tommy Koehler here. And if that makes me an old fashioned pussy, so be it. I have no problem going to sleep every night as a heavy banana guy.

That doesn't change the passion people have for mango though. In some ways it's a lot like how Copenhagen dudes love Copenhagen. It's a real one-way street of loyalty but I'm not here to contest it. Just want to point out that if Cardi B loves mango like most traditional enthusiasts, Bernie was out of line jumping in last night when he did. 

Do you even know how hard it is to eat mango? 

Apparently not that hard, but still the point remains. Brutal timing last night from Bernie no matter how gracious Queen Cardi B was with the interruption. 


For more on the exchange and further proof that life is just one big simulation, here's the full video

PS - Run it back