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WWF Attitude Era Fridays: The Top 10 Most Destructive Hell In A Cell Moments

For all the talk about the hell being in the cell, it seems like most of the true carnage takes place when the fight goes outside the cell. This was originally going to be a Wake Up With Mankind Getting Thrown Off The Hell In A Cell because it was the ultimate Oh Shit wrestling moment of my childhood. But I stumbled upon this Top 10 crazy Hell In A Cell moments, which was a no-brainer to add. I get why the Undertaker chokeslamming Mankind through the cell was ranked as more destructive since that scrambled whatever brain cells Mick Foley had left in his noggin more than the toss on the Spanish announcers table along with Mick's tooth going through his fucking nose. 

*rereads last sentence*

Jesus Christ. You know what? I'm not going to complain too much about the rankings until I've lived through them, which I sincerely hope never happens. I'm sure Mick feels both those falls every single morning. What a fucking legend. Also gotta shout out Chris Jericho for taking a pedigree directly onto the cell, which cannot be even close to a fun thing to do.