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I'm So Jealous Of Tom Holland and Jake Gyllenhaal's Bromance

Yesterday Tom Holland posted this throwback on a plane with Jake Gyllenhaal and goddam am I jealous of the friendship these two have. I don't think I've ever had a friendship like that in my life. I feel like when two movie stars do a blockbuster together they kind of fake their friendship for the press just for good optics. Jake Gyllenhaal and Tom Holland did Spiderman: Far From Home together and actually became best friends for life. I'm kind of scared how much Gyllenhaal obsesses over Holland, but I also want that so bad. 

Two people that good looking shouldn't be allowed to be boys. It's not fair. They walk around a city together and everyone stops. Men. Women. Dogs. Everything that has a pulse. I wonder if Tom Holland fucks. He comes off to me as a long term girlfriend guy, but that's one good looking dude with an accent and charm through the roof. At 23 years old that's a pretty good life to live. 

Also real quick before the rest of their videos, that second water bottle toss by Holland's brother in the above Insta was incredible. From across the plane? Remarkable. Must be cool to be the brother and just ride the coat tails of your brother the whole way. That guy has it made.

Okay now more jealous bromance videos.