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Wake Up With MLB's 2019 Jackie Robinson Day Celebration

One of my favorite days in baseball every season is April 15th, you may not know the date but it's the anniversary of Jackie Robinson breaking the color barrier and making his debut with the Dodgers. Back in 2004 MLB allowed one player per team to wear 42 as an honor to Jackie, but then in 2009 they allowed every player, manager, and coach to don the 42. Players have been coming up with awesome ways to honor Jackie in the last few years, like Bryce Harper rocking the UCLA color shoes and arm sleeve to honor Robinson's college. Some really awesome tributes are still planned for today and MLB will be honoring Robinson. MLB Network is showing a few specials all day, Ken Burns has some stuff he's showing about Jackie as well. Good for baseball for continuing to celebrate arguably the most important baseball player, or athlete in history. Rock those 42s today!