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Someone Created A 2K Simulated Game Of Tiger King Characters And Joe Exotic Is COOKING Carole Baskin

Yep and this is how the Internet comes full circle. Take the hottest thing on the streets in Tiger King, slap it on a famous game in 2k and then have it on the best blog in the world. That's the Internet. And nothing is more 2020 Internet than Tiger King. 

This game has everything too. A+ jersey designs. An appearance by Shaq. But the real thing here is Joe Exotic just absolutely cooking Carole Baskin. The clip starts with him yamming on her for Christ's sake! But then he goes full Randolph Childress and *ahem* puts her through the meat grinder. 

There's also something wrong with calling Joe Exotic, Iso Joe. That's just flat out mean to Joe Johnson, the Hawks and really the entire city of Atlanta with that one. The real thing here is just how Tiger King has taken over everything. We have it on 2k, we have memes, we have extra episodes, we have a goddamn investigation being reopened. I don't know if there's been a documentary to really take off like this. Even The Jinx didn't have this much hype, same for The Staircase. 

If you want to watch the full game here you go: